Ji Ran’s birthday
Date: 2023-11-16

Ji Ran was born on June 29, 2022 and recently celebrated his first birthday at the Panda Base.




Early in the morning, the keepers prepared Ji Ran's birthday feast. There is an ice cake made from watermelon pulp, and the birthday number "1" was a carrot on the ice cake. The watermelon peel with the words "Happy Birthday" engraved on it was made into a fruit plate, which was not only filled with fresh fruits, but also filled with sincere blessings from everyone for Ji Ran. The pumpkin is engraved with the words "My name is Ji Ran, I am the sweetest cub". In addition to the bamboo shoots that Ji Ran loves to eat, the keepers also carefully prepared a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Ji Ran is curious about the birthday feast. For him, the birthday feast is not only delicious food, but also a fun toy.


Ji Ran eats while playing 


We sincerely wish Ji Ran a happy birthday, healthy growth, and a happy life every day!




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