Zhao Mei Eats Bamboo
Date: 2023-10-19
99% Ninety-nine percent of the food for giant pandas is bamboo. Tough and upright, bamboo is not a tree, but a tall grass like plant. In other words, the bamboo is actually a species of grass. When eating bamboo, giant pandas will prioritize the species and parts with the best nutritional value, to ensure they obtain enough energy to meet their needs.
Zhao Mei is a highly recognizable giant panda. How does she eat bamboo? Let's take a look together!
When eating bamboo leaves, she will gather them one by one in her paw, and when there are enough bamboo leaves, she will eat them together.






When eating a bamboo stem, Zhao Mei firmly holds it with her pseudo thumb, then use her well-developed masseter muscles to break the bamboo into smaller pieces, and then eats the small pieces to enjoy the delicacy.








Do you also like Zhao Mei when she is eating bamboo?

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