The Most-liked Toy in the Enclosure
Date: 2018-06-14

Some pandas’ favorites have emerged in the enclosure recently. They are neither milk nor pandas’ nannies. Here is one favored by He Xing, Xi Xi and Sa, which is so funny that they cannot be away from it. Sometimes they even ignore fresh bamboo shoots just because of it.


“The most-liked toy”


The most-liked toy is humble. It looks like an ordinary plastic square object, but it is really something mysterious…


In a fine day, Xi Xi and her fellows went out for breakfast gleefully as usual. However, she found a new toy above their table. What’s it on earth?


Sa, “What are you doing, Xi Xi? Come on soon, or else I will eat up bamboo shoots.”
“Ah, you eat first. I find something amazing! I’ll study it.”


Xi Xi, “Ah, Let it be. I’d like to eat bamboo shoots first.”
Sa, “I told you so! The bamboo shoots are pretty good.”
He Xing, “Ladies first, let me have a look.”


Tourist, “Little He Xing, are you measuring how big your face is?”


He Xing, “Shush! Be quiet! There is the smell of apples in this cavity! Don’t scare off it!”


He Xing, “Look! Unexpectedly, it can be turned!”


He Xing, “The smell is getting stronger and stronger! Don’t look down upon me! Although it hangs a bit high, I can stand up! My dear apple, I know there you are!”


Are there any apples in that square object? Let’s watch the video!







In the video, “apple radar” Xi Xi is attracted by the smell of apples and fingers the most-liked toy. She is so intelligent that she pats and rotates it to get out the pieces of apple. And smart He Xing sits by the table to enjoy apples from top.


He Xing, “Xi Xi, Cheer up! I take a good view to you!”
Xi Xi, “You only sit there to eat apples that I got down hardly, come on to help me!”


Actually, the most-liked toy is specially made for pandas' environmental enrichment-food leakage equipment. Pandas have sharp noses, so they can smell the apples put in the equipment in advance by their keepers. If they want to get the apples, it will take time. It aims to make pandas do some exercises which are good for their physical and mental health. Pandas play with this kind of equipment every day, and their keepers change equipment periodically to keep their interest on it.


He Xing and his fellows get a new toy. It is said that this is an upgraded one. It is much more difficult to get apples. Will it be difficult to pandas? We all look forward to it!


“Little cage”, “Can I become the new most-liked toy?”




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