Students of Lushan County Fenghe Central School: Different Feelings after Participating in Panda Class

Song Yuyang: after attended the Panda Class, we learned how to protect nature, how to cherish natural resources and learned how to protect giant panda. Besides, we should tell parents and friends how to protect giant panda. It taught us that we should be unremitting when we do one thing and only in this way, can we realize our dreams.



Yang Yue: this activity makes me very happy and open my eyes. I learned rich knowledge on Panda class which made me more curious about giant panda. I love giant panda very much and I will protect them from small details in life.



Li Mingyu: through the activity, I learned information about giant panda and learned how to protect nature. After I return back, I will tell my parents and friends how to care for animals and how to protect the nature.



Wang Xuemei: with curiosity, I went to the paradise of pandas. I saw giant pandas very closely and I learned how to protect animals and nature. We should protect and cherish them with scientific technologies and smart mind.



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