Wei Jia: Coincidence in Research Camp



When I was compiling pictures after the Panda Lecture-Taiwan Session ended, I saw the Coincidence adapted by Lai Tingsheng, retired principal of Taipei Municipal Primary School for this event. Principal Lai cleverly recomposed the devotion of lovers described in the original lyrics into the dependency between Chengdu and Taipei attached because of giant panda. The lyrics have been lingering in my mind. Perusing words of Lai, the scenes of this Taiwan Session came back to me vividly.

Coincidence, how coincident~
Let's sit side by side
Sing a song of giant panda
Even if we can not always be together
We will miss each other
Chengdu, Taibei can not forget
Our Research camp
Why ~ can not forget you
Why~ always miss you
Eight days run out
Happy memories stay in mind
Come on August 11
Go on August 18
Bring me many things
A string of sweet memories


If we regard the encounter of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation and principals of the C.C.C.C.I.A. for Giant Panda as a coincidence, it is inevitable for the long-term exchange activities about giant panda conservation education between mainland and Taiwan in the future. Through this event, Taiwan friends have more deeply understanding about the efforts of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation in the protection of giant pandas and other wild endangered animals. At the same time, we have learnt some new concept of Taiwan in the protection of plants and animals, laying solid foundation for the future cross-Strait exchange about the conservation education of giant pandas.


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