Akemi Tanaka: A Big Fan of Giant Panda

Every time I went to China, I only went to the hometown of giant panda and nothing but giant pandas were on my schedule. I can't remember how many times I have been in Chengdu to see the giant panda. I often stay outside panda enclosures for a whole day, happily watching them eating, drinking and excreting. This time, I came to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to participate the activity of experiencing as giant panda keeper.


Guided by professional staff, I cleaned feces of the panda enclosure, weighed the feces the record their growth, and prepared fresh and delicious bamboo shoots for them. It is very laborious to be a panda keeper and I started to treat panda keepers with more respect. Every time I donate money to giant pandas, the Chengdu panda foundation of Giant Panda Breeding will give me certificate and some meaningful souvenirs, so I have collected a number of them at home as a part of my precious memories. Friends can not understand my devotion and enthusiasm for giant pandas, but I think this is one way I express my love to animals. And I hope more people will join me as we can do more for them.


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