Cheng Shi’s favorite food
Date: 2023-11-09

Fruits and vegetables often have unique tastes. The green and lovely "Sophora Leaf cold noodles "were Du Fu’s favorite delicacy to cool down in midsummer; The "Plum Blossom Soup Cake" with a strong aroma made Liu Yuangang write poems with admiration; Simple and plain turnip and rice porridge, in Su Shi's eyes, were the best taste in the world; when "white wine is first ripe and yellow chicken is fat", Li Bai will never forget the "golden chicken"; What's more, Yang Wanli's "Brewing Plums with Dew" and "Knocking on Snow and Cooking Tea" are fascinating.


So, what is the food that giant panda Cheng Shi can’t put down?


There is no need to sweep the leaves to make a fire to simmer the bamboo shoots. You only need to gently peel off the husks, and then you can taste the sweetness of the bamboo shoot in the clear autumn air, under the old trees and beside the flower branches swaying in the wind.


Next, let’s take a look at how Cheng Shi enjoys his bamboo shoots!


Cheng Shi






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