Handsome He Ye
Date: 2023-09-26
    Michel de Montaigne, a French humanism writer, wrote in his book: "When I want to dance, I dance, and when I want to sleep, I sleep. Even if I walk alone in a garden, if my mind turns to something unrelated to walking for a moment, I will quickly take it back, let it think about the garden, ponder the pleasure of being alone, and think about myself." In the panda world, there is a giant panda, as written by Montaigne, living a very enjoyable life. It fully enjoys nature, adapts to its own nature, and lives happily. It is handsome He Ye.
He Ye:Good morning, I’m handsome He Ye
    Why is He Ye so handsome? Probably because of his unique quiet and calm. “When I want to go to sleep, I go to bed, ", He ignores the restlessness and distractions in his heart. He Ye had a sense of composure in his sleep and exuded a sense of coolness in his silence.
Sleeping He Ye
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