Teaching Hand By Hand
Date: 2023-09-18
    Ai Li, is the mother of twin panda cubs, Ai Lin and Ai Si, born in 2022. Ai Li was born in 2011 and has an easy manner. Whether she's eating or lying flat, sitting upright or scratching, because she is so relaxed she has the nickname "Uncle Ai".
    One day in spring, Ai Li took Ai Lin to the playground and to teach her how to eat bamboo.
    At first, Ai Lin was not interested in learning yet. She looked around, deeply attracted by the environment, without noticing that her mother had already started teaching.



Ai Li teaching seriously while Ai Lin is distracted. 


    After a while, Ai Lin finally focused on her mother. She picked up a small branch and observed her mother carefully, then slowly filled in the "lessons" she had just left behind.



 Ai Lin started eating bamboo like Ai Li


    Once she had mastered the steps and the points of eating bamboo, Ai Lin began to pick up tougher bamboo and began her "classroom exercises." Ai Li was diligent and dedicated during the "teaching" process, never stopping to rest.








Little Ai Lin is getting better at her studies

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