Jia Xin under the blue sky
Date: 2023-09-12
    The smoked wind blows, and we see early summer again.
    The four seasons alternate, and everything can find its own season.
    Willow belongs to late spring.
    "There are so many people who have read it, who would like the long pavilion tree? If the tree had feelings, it would never have such a green tree!" In the late spring, the catkins are falling, the tree is ruthless, but people's farewell is affectionate.
    Crickets belong to late autumn.
    "The west window is blowing dark rain again. For whom is it frequent and intermittent, and the anvil and pestle." In the cool autumn night, the sound of crickets is intermittent, which arouses worrying people's thoughts.
    Plum belongs to the cold winter.
    "In the old days, the moonlight shines on me a few times, playing the flute beside the plum blossoms. Arouse the jade people, regardless of the coldness and climbing." In the cold winter, the plum blossoms under the moon, with sparse shadows and dark fragrances, send the pain of lovesickness from afar.
   Where does the giant panda Jia Xin belong? It was probably early summer, under the pristine blue sky. Under the blue sky, Jia Xin, who puts her body and mind on the big tree, is leisurely, elegant and friendly.
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Jia Xin: Hello, everyone, I'm Jia Xin under the blue sky.
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