Bei Chen on the shelf
Date: 2023-08-29
    The giant panda Bei Chen was born on July 10, 2022, and his mother is Bei Chuan. Bei Chen is an energetic panda cub, who especially enjoys playing on a cool shelf when the summer solstice is approaching. Now, let's take a closer look at Bei Chen on the shelf together.
Bei Chen likes to sleep on the shelf. The large perch gives him a full sense of security.
Bei Chen: Surrounded by green leaves, the shelf is also another space 
Bei Chen: There is a faint gardenia flower in the air, at this moment, the dream is also sweet
    After getting enough rest, the "small universe of energy" in Bei Chen's body was released. He climbed up and down on his shelf, full of energy and extraordinary bearing.
Bei Chen: Work hard, life is full of sunshine 
Bei Chen: Calm and composed, with steady steps, always moving forward
Bei Chen: Firm eyes, careful observation, with a mouth of small branches , I cannot fall
Bei Chen: Deep contemplation while sitting upright
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