Those beautiful faces
Date: 2023-08-18

     Spring has arrived, the grass and trees are gradually unfolding, and the magnolia flowers are also blooming. The black swans in the lake play happily. The cute pandas born in 2022 can go outdoors freely at this time, and their faces are filled with the most vigorous vitality of life. Let's take a look at a few of them!


Ai Si: Climb higher and see farther.


Ai Si: Under the big tree, green grass breaks out of the ground.


Ai Si: Looking at the faint clouds, the mood will be better.


 Ai Si: Holding the big tree in your paw, feeling thoughtful.


 Ji Ran: A solid perch is also my playmate.


Ji Ran: Practice the flexibility of the body.


 Nao Nao: shyly hiding behind the bamboo.


 Nao Nao: See how good my kung fu is.


Chao Chao: The sun is golden, and feeling the warmth.


Nao Nao: Bathing in the spring sunshine.

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