Hua Hua and Her Brother He Ye
Date: 2023-08-10
    He Hua ("Hua Hua") has always had a strong relationship with her younger twin brother He Ye. They enjoy the flowers of spring, the shade of summer, the clear sky of autumn, and even the cold days of winter together. Time flies, the four seasons flow, and even with the seemingly dull life of eating day after day, they can happily stay together and quietly enjoy the gifts of nature. Let's take a look at them eating bamboo together!
image001 (2).jpg
Hua Hua chooses to eat stems, while her younger brother He Ye prefers bamboo shoots. 
image003 (2).jpg 
Spending the summer time together
image005 (2).jpg
After eating bamboo shoots, He Ye patiently accompanied his sister.
image007 (2).jpg
He Ye: Let me see, if there are any bamboo shoots  left ?
image009 (2).jpg
Lazy Days 
image011 (2).jpg
Hua Hua: This bamboo is not enough for me. 
image013 (2).jpg
After eating, He Ye moved around to the back of Hua Hua.
image015 (2).jpg
He Ye silently guards behind Hua Hua.
image017 (2).jpg
He Ye also likes bamboo stems.
He Ye: Let’s take a picture together.
Time is quiet and good.
We are best friends!
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