Happy time together
Date: 2023-07-25

     In the early winter morning, when we shuttled under the bamboo forest, every inch of morning light flowed through the green bamboo, and we gently recorded the picture of the giant pandas Fu Duoduo, Ya Song and Ya Li together. 



 Fu Duoduo: Hello everyone, I am Fu Duoduo!


    When Fu Duoduo was with her little friend Ya Song, the air was full of peace and harmony. The two panda cubs didn't play and make noise, but lay quietly on their stomachs, relying on each other.




Fu Duoduo and Ya Song 


    Next to Ya Li, Ya Song’s mother , Fu Duoduo was very lively and played happily like a child.



Fu Duoduo and Ya Li


    The scene of Ya Li  taking Fu Duduo and Ya Song to enjoy the "bamboo shoot buffet" is also very warm.




Ya Song, Ya Li and Fu Duoduo: Eating "buffet" means eating more and taking less, but the bamboo shoots from the panda keepers are enough!

At this time, Fu Duoduo appeared to be very well-behaved. She had no other distractions and was serious about eating. 





 Fu Duoduo: "Bamboo Shoot Buffet" is so delicious!


    When the early sun warms up, the mist in the forest gradually dissipates, when the song of the red-billed acacia finch breaks through the silent sky, in a certain morning, under the dense forest and bamboo, will you remember the good time of Fu Duoduo with Ya Song and Ya Li?

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