Birthdays in Spring
Date: 2023-07-11
    On March 21, 2023, giant panda Chun Sheng celebrated his third birthday.
    Chun Sheng was born in the soft and beautiful spring, and his name implies that all things grow and thrive in spring, giving people endless hope and longing.
    Chun Sheng is the child of Zhi Zhi. At birth, he weighed 176.7 grams, which is within the standard weight range for giant pandas. In Futou Mountain, Chun Sheng always played with Re Ganmian and Dan Honggao.
    How does Chun Sheng enjoy his "Birthday cake" on his third birthday? Let's go and take a look together!

A luxurious ice cake carefully prepared by the keepers for Chun Sheng


Chun Sheng found the ice cake


Walking towards the ice cake


Smell the fragrance of the ice cake 


Take the first bite of the fruit on the ice cake 


Enjoy his birthday cake 


Eating and playing at the same time 




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