Romance in the snow
Date: 2023-06-28
Julio Kotasar, a famous Argentine writer and one of the leading writers of the "literary explosion" in Latin America, wrote in his short story "No wonder of others": "Cold weather is always particularly troublesome. In summer, the world is within reach, and people are also close and direct." However, in cold weather, there is one thing that can change its complexity and boredom, that is--snow. It is snow that allows giant pandas to break the monotony of life, release their uninhibited nature and enjoy the pleasure of playing wantonly in the cool days. The vast expanse of snow, the rolling black and white, the green of bamboo, the yellow of oranges, the brown of trees, and the dim shadow all together constitute the romance in the snow. Quietly, let's go to see the snow and see the giant panda in the snow.
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Xiang Guo
image009 (2).jpg
image011 (2).jpg
Re Ganmian
image013 (2).jpg
image015 (2).jpg
Dan Honggao
Chun Sheng
Left: Re Ganmian, Middle: Xiang Guo, Right: Dan Honggao
Left: Re Ganmian, Middle: Dan Honggao, Right: Xiang Guo


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