What can a giant panda be?
Date: 2023-05-24
What can a giant panda be? It can be a "living fossil" that has evolved for 8 million years and still lives in this world today, or it can be the "national treasure" of an ancient civilization with a long history of over 5000 years. It can be the image ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It can be an "umbrella species" that provides shelter for endangered animals and plants. It can be a shy "bamboo hermit", or, with its unique charm, it can be a "flagship species" that draws attention to the world's biodiversity conservation and is loved by people all over the world..
What else can a giant panda be?
When it sits down, it can be a sweet and soft Chinese traditional food named "Zong Zi".

He hua


When it stays on the tree, it can be a "panda fruit", sometimes the "panda tree" has one "fruit", sometimes more.


Ya Song


Fu Duoduo


Fu Duoduo and Ya Song


When it is in a "bowl" made of bamboo, it can also be another Chinese traditional food named “Tang Yuan”.



Babies born in 2022


What else can a lovely giant panda be?



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