Simple and honest Lun Hui
Date: 2023-01-12
Lun Hui is the first cub of the returnee giant panda from the US, Mei Lun. Perhaps he inherited the excellent genes of his mother. Lun Hui has a round head and looks very simple and honest. Lun Hui was born on July 25 last year, and it will be his first birthday soon. Today,  Lun Hui is lively and cute. His bear life is like the rising sun, full of infinite possibilities. Let's take a look at him together!
Lun Hui sticks out a cute little head
walk slowly
As a young panda, although Lun Hui has a lot of energy, like his other little cub companions, he also spends most of the time sleeping on weekdays.
Drowsiness is getting stronger
Have a good sleep
Lie down and take a rest
When the flower fell on Lun Hui, the flower and the bear set off against each other, and Lun Hui's simple and honest temperament added a touch of agility.
Flowers and Lun Hui
Lun Hui in the sunset
image001 拷贝.jpg
Lun Hui in play
If you also like Lun Hui's simple temperament, you might as well arrange your own itinerary and come to the Panda Base to see him!


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