Amy's Another Choice
Date: 2021-07-28
The giant panda ,Amy, is impressive for his long muzzle. Amy is not only superior in his appearance, but he is also as just as clever as other giant pandas. He often tries to be unique in making a choice.
The way and the place he choses to bathe is a good example. Usually, the most common way that you see pandas bathing in a zoo is that they sit right in the middle of the pool, and enjoy the cool water.
Amy found a new path, to go straight to the source of the coolness,in order to better the experience of the bath.
How can the canal be so clear that there is a source of the fresh water 
Following the current, Amy (left) finds the source of the pool's water.
Amy (left) quickly ‘occupies the position’
Take a drink of fresh running water first
By the pond 
Take a comfortable bath and enjoy the serenity and leisure
Continue to enjoy the cool in a different direction
Amy didn't choose a spacious place to bathe in the pool, but was willing to enjoy the corner, looking for the happiness in his heart. Whether you also like Amy's choice is another question?
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