Panda Bathhouse is open!
Date: 2021-06-17

In August, the temperature in Chengdu rises steadily. Everyone is hot and uncomfortable. Air conditioners、 fans、 summer mats, we have tried all of them, and none of them seem to be useful. What about the giant panda with their thick fur? Let's go check!


Zhao Mei: It’s so hot! I’d like to take a bath!


Yun Wu: I love taking a bath, my skin is very healthy!


Fu Shun is so cute in the pool!


Look at this fat back. Is Si Yuan a panda or a fleshy tree? !


Mei Lan is so cute, it must be the staff pose! 


What a cute baby!


Oops! Here comes a melancholy poet!


Oreo: What are you talking about! I'm the boss!


During the hot summer, it is good to stay in the water!


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