Pandas and water on World Water Day
Date: 2021-05-14

    March 22nd of each year is designated by the United Nations as "World Water Day". Water is the source of human life, and is equally important to animals. According to field research, one of the necessary conditions for giant panda habitat is a moderate distance from the water. 


   Pandas naturally like water. In summer, they like to stay in the pool, and in winter, due to their thick fur ,we can see their "bubble bath" posture as well!



"Miao Miao" plays in the pool with a face of enjoyment, do you envy such a pleasant life? 



Why do you change your style in the pool? !
In addition to taking a bath, pandas also drink from small pools. 



Is the appearance of their drinking water lovely?


    Living in the modern city, perhaps we feel "conserve the giant panda" does not affect us. Actually, cherishing and conserving water, also impacts the conservation of the giant panda and the environment, we all live together on this planet!


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