With Leaves Falling, the Autumn Is Coming
Date: 2018-11-06

Giant pandas did not reduce weight in time in the summer, and now the autumn comes. The time passes really fast.





These days are really cool in Chengdu. Leaves fall from trees in the panda enclosure.


Panda babies come out and enjoy the cool in the panda base.


Wild giant pandas generally live in the mountains at the altitude of above 2500m. In last century, the giant panda had gradually retreated to just a few areas including the Qinling Mountains, Min Mountains, Qionglai Mountains, Daxiangling Mountains and the Xiaoxiangling Mountains which lie to the east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and to the mountains and canyons of the Liang Mountain. This seems to sound extensive, but 80% of the wild giant panda population is concentrated in small areas in Sichuan (including Min Mountains, Qionglai Mountains, Daxiangling Mountains, Xiaoxiangling Mountains, Liang Mountain and the southern part of Qinling Mountains).


The skin and fur of the giant panda is thick, highly resilient and tough. The thickness of the skin can be 10 mm at the thickest points. The average thickness of the skin is about 5 mm, and the thickness varies at different parts of the body. The skin on the back of the giant panda is thicker than on the sides of the belly, and the skin on the dorsal side of the body is thicker than on the ventral. The skin and fur can protect giant pandas in the wild. But in captivity, it brings too much hotness to pandas.


This is the reason why giant pandas like to stay in cool area. If you come to see them in summer, you will see all of them stay indoor with air conditioners. But now, they are outside of the enclosure.



They are so cute, aren’t them?


That's why they have tons of fans.





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