Giant Pandas in Each Season
Date: 2018-08-03

The giant panda, a peaceful creature with an iconic black-and-white marking, is adored by the world. There is no doubt that giant panda is one of the most popular animals in the world with its clumsy face, fluffy fur, and chubby body. People always use some words, such as "cute", "adorable", and "lovely" to describe this kind of species. Actually, giant panda shows its loveliness in different seasons.


Loveliness in Spring


After a long cold winter, spring is coming. In spring, the giant panda can not only enjoy bright spring days, but also gain the favorite food: bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are juicy with rich nutrient. An adult panda can eat 20-40kg per day.


Bei Chuan: Oh, bamboo shoots are my favourite.


At the same time, giant panda cubs born in last year are about six months old. In spring, they take practice to climb, run and even "fight ". In their outdoor playground, they can be seen everywhere.


Having a Nap on the Tree


Sleeping on the Climbing Structure


Playing Bamboo Shoots in the Corner


Playing Cute on the Tree


Spring is the giant panda's mating season. In general, from March to May, female pandas may express a mating signal to attract male pandas, which can ensure the continuation of excellent genes.


Wild Giant Pandas' Courtship Ritual


Loveliness in Summer


With its own thick fur, summer is not a good season for the giant panda. With the coming of summer, wild giant pandas move into the cooler area at higher altitude and lower temperature for summering, while captive giant pandas live in the indoor enclosure with air conditioners. Anyway, the warm temperature doesn’t hamper giant pandas showing their loveliness.


Qi Qiao: I can also play and eat indoors. Do you wanna join us?


Enjoying the Indoor Life at an Appropriate Temperature


In Summer, apart from air condition room, fruit ice is essential for captive pandas to cool heat. Loveliness upgrades with fruit ice!


Oreo Are Enjoying His Fruit Ice.


Loveliness in Autumn


Autumn is the season of harvest. Every year in summer and autumn, giant panda mothers gives birth to newborn cubs. It has to be said that the giant panda is born to a lovely creature, for its pink body is covered with undercoat; rice-sized ears rise slightly; and bright tail tip shakes now and then. Although newborn cubs could not open their eyes, they can cry loudly to announce their arrival at the world.


An Active Newborn Cub


Hello, new world!


In autumn, the newborn cub grows up day by day. After about 3 months, it will become a "sesame ball" which is pretty lovely


Sesame Balls' Party


Emm… I cannot walk.


I like milk!


The temperature is getting cooler with the coming of autumn. Giant pandas enjoy this autumn days after suffering from the long and warm summer.


Qi Xi: Wow, I prefer to eat panda cake outdoors!


Bamboos Are Still Fresh and Green in Autumn.


Loveliness in Winter


Giant pandas prefer cool but warm. Therefore, they feel comfortable in winter. No matter in warm days or snow days, giant pandas enjoy winter.


Oreo: Scouther is perfect!


Let's Play with Snow Together!


This season is an important period for cute panda cubs to acquire their techniques and skills, for their hairs have grown thick enough to withstand the winter chill.


Panda cubs: We are fluffy and not afraid of chill!


Mei Lan: I can walk and run!


Qi Yi: Call me TREE CLIMBER!




Enjoying a Sunbath


Giant pandas show their loveliness in all seasons. Their loveliness are beyond words. Welcome you to meet them in every season!





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