The Ordinary Life of the “Internet Star”—Mao Sun
Date: 2018-05-21

The panda’s world teems with “Internet Star”. First it has the short-leg“Qi Xiaofang”, and then the “Xiao Huihui” named “Cheng Shi”. Now, Mao Sun has become famous for the “group photo event” by the end of 2016 that every time I pass to her yard, I can hear the visitors saying “Ah, this is Mao Sun.”


(Mao Sun:“Am I beautiful?”)


(The group photo event: Mao Sunhanging on the back tree and stealing the show when panda cubs born in 2016 were taking a group photo)


Mao Sun was born on Jul. 23, 2014 with her twin brother Mao Zhu. From a child living in the Moonlight Delivery House, Mao Sun loves climbing trees with her head hanging high between branches for rest. Growing little by little, Mao Sun and her friends moved to the Giant Panda Kindergarten, where she kept the habit still. Contrary to her brother Mao Zhu who often ignores keepers’ instruction, Mao Sun is more obedient that she would come off the tree whenever the keeper calls her.



(Mao Sun running over quickly on hearing the keeper’s calls)


(Mao Zhu, hanging on the tree without any response)


Despite a girl, Mao Sun is excellent in standing, which wins her the name “DuanZhengsun” (a nickname showing her capability). Her brother Mao Zhu is always less willing to do so.



(Mao Sun standing well in the “panda-fishing game” (food feeding) time)


(Mao Zhu on the left and Mao Sun on the right)


(Mao Sun on the left and Mao Zhu on the right)


(Zhen Duo on the left and Mao Zhu on the right)



(Mao Sun standing up for the apple)


Mao Sun values cleanliness so much. After enjoying the panda cookie and apple, she would lick up all the dross on her belly and hands.




(Mao Sun cleaning herself carefully)


With strength and beauty, Mao Sun plays “the key role” in the “panda-fishing game”, and this time, she became the target of Lee Pace, a famous American actor who played the “King of the Elves” in The Hobbit, during his visit to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.


Mao Sun is not a picky eater that she often feeds herself round and chubby, so lovely.


Mao Sun is not a picky eater that she often feeds herself round and chubby, so lovely.





“Mao Sun” focusing on the food


Today, “Mao Sun” still likes climbing trees as much as in the childhood, and when she is full, she will climb to the tree and have a sleep. If you can’t find her in the enclosure, looking up will be a better attempt.


(“Mao Sun” sleeping in the tree)


(Mao Sun enjoying the scenery in the tree)


(Mao Sun: “Don’t forget to look up at me!”)





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