Minor Pandas’ General Assembly
Date: 2018-05-02

There is a saying that in the panda world every adult giant panda has its skills to ensure its own status. Some of them have qualities, while others have gamesmanships. Or else, they may be eliminated from PANDA! For this reason, all pandas have to study hard to acquire skills in their childhood.


What would it be? Let’s go to Minor Pandas’ General Assembly to find the answer. Check it out!


The assembly in the cub players seems… What??? Are they serious players?


CUB PLAYER A: Mummy tells me that I can be the Boss if I can duck under the gap.


CUB PLAYER B: Look! I can catch the stick!
CUB PLAYER C: But I catch the KEEPER!


CUB PLAYER D: Have you ever heard that the higher, the stronger?


CUB PLAYER E: Seriously? I’m the highest!
CUB PLAYER F: Waiiiiiit…


CUB PLAYER G: No, no, no… He Who catches the camera can be the winner. It’s the Internet Age, isn't it?


Compared to the cub players, sub adult players seem to be better.


SUB ADULT PLAYER A: Listen! Foot is everything!


SUB ADULT PLAYER E: OMG! Who said that!


SUB ADULT PLAYER F: If you lose the chance to nibble a foot, then the “fur overcoat” is an alternative.





Okay. They are the players in this Minor Pandas’ General Assembly. Which one can be the winner? And who is the master in your mind?




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