“Qi Xiaofang”, A Short-leg Internet Star
Date: 2018-04-17

Recently, panda community surges as a new generation of “Internet star” rise. As we all know, in this era of “Internet star”, in order to be the most famous one, one shouldnot only be good-looking, but also have the skill of self-denigration. And today's leading role “Qi Xiaofang”, as new generation “Internet star” in the panda world, has all characteristics that an “Internet star” shall have.


“Qi Xiaofang” is a girl born on Jul. 1, 2016, whose real name is Qi Yi. In China, July 1 happens to be the Party's birthday, so she is named this way. Born with her was a little sister named “Qi Guo”. Their mother “Qi Yuan” is indeed a beauty. “Qi Xiaofang” is good-looking. But she becomes famous for “rolling” in her own stool instead of good looking. It is indeedembarrassing to call her a“harmonic star”. With widespread reputation in the panda world, she gets lots of nicknames, for instance, “the Antenna”, “the Signal Tower” and “The Logy Fang” for the seemingly antennas on her head, which helps a lot to the WiFi speed in the base; or the “Free Discharger”, the “Bed Wetter”, the “Bed-wetting Knight” and the “Bed-wetting Girl” for the event that brings her fame; or the “Short-legged” despite of her unmatchable appearance. “Qi Xiaofang” is really tired for she has so many nicknames that her real name is almost forgotten. Why we call her “Square”, please allow me to keep it a secret for the moment. The answer will be found through a close contact with her.


“Qi Yi” is always expecting and dreaming and attracts thousands of fans.


Do you see the small prick of hair on her head?


Have a look at how she plays with the ball, you will find the answer to why she is called “Qi Xiaofang”.


Sometimes ago, “Qi Xiaofang” began to follow the pace of her brothers and sisters, and learned to climb the tree. But easier said than done. The baby was totally exhausted on her half way.



“Just forget the tree, I just love posing under it.”


All seemsthat the “Qiao Xiaofang” has legs and palms mismatching her age. But it is totally not a problem to her funs as they believe a good face is the most important. But is it the truth? She is really acceptable with her short legs?


“Qi Yi” eating the tree leaf


“That's right! I like the tree leaf so much.”


“Qi Xiaofang”is still a baby full of curiosity. She always likes to explore in the playground. Sometimes, she loves chasing her sister or looking adoringly at her playing with toy car, climbing trees and drilling bushes.


(“Qi Xiaofang” on the left, “Rou Rou” on the right)


“Sister! Play with me please. ”
(“Rou Rou” on the left and “Qi Xiaofang” on the right)


One day, “Qi Xiaofang” was finally successful in climbinga very high tree in the kindergarten. It's hard to believe this tree is dozens of times higher than the baby.


Good job!


Well, do you know why “Qi Xiaofang” is called “Square”? Is it really as lovely as the author says, and beloved by the majority of people? I believe you must have the answer at this moment.





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