All Giant Pandas Are Bamboo Lovers
Date: 2014-02-20

Our pandas at the Giant Panda Base live a relatively easy life. Their activities consist of eating, sleeping, and playing. Eating bamboo is the top priority in their daily life, and their table manners vary considerably, as you will see. 



The two cute pandas in the above pictures usually prefer to sit down and enjoy their food quietly. One eats sitting on the upper platform and the other on the lower platform. Although they sit together, they share their meal without interfering with each other. What a yummy meal! How cute the brothers are! 



Lying down to eat is also a common posture of these smart fat pandas. This position combines sleeping and eating perfectly. The most amazing fact is that they never choke on the bamboo in this position. 



This panda is politely nibbling bamboo. Maybe it is minding its table manners to avoid exposing its bad manners to the celebrity photographers.



This panda stops its elegant eating and smiles shyly towards the candid camera which likes a big shot.

Dear friends, please visit our research base to find out more about the table manners of these charming and adorable pandas. 






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