Writings and Academic Journals Publication Program


This program is committed to spreading scientific knowledge with respect to giant panda’s survival, breeding and major breakthroughs with the purpose of providing the giant panda lovers across the world with the opportunity to engage in the cause of and increase their knowledge of the protection of giant pandas and rare and endangered animals. The range of science popularization includes breeding, disease prevention and cures, genetic management, education and protection.


大熊貓.jpg Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management

Editor-in-Chief: David E. Wildt, Zhang Anju, Zhang Hemin, Donald L. Janssen, Susie Ellis

Publishing house: Cambridge University Press

Main content: this book discusses the latest knowledge of giant panda biology, including breeding, behavior, nutrition and heredity and diseases, and much more. In addition, it also describes the breeding, cubs and latest development in the field of genetic management on the giant panda population in captivity.


大熊貓.jpg A Study on Research Regarding Giant Panda Diseases

Editor-in-Chief: Feng Wenhe, Zhang Anju

Publishing house: Sichuan Science and Technology Press

Main content: the book content elaborates on how the giant panda population has declined and the measures taken to counter this effect and save the giant panda, It goes into detail concerning the giant panda nutrition and breeding, microscopic and submicroscopic structures, cell genetics, biochemical genetics, and case analysis. This book, illustrates how zoos have contributed through diverse technologies and experiences to giant panda protection.


大熊貓.jpg Theory and Practice of Giant Panda In-situ Conservation

Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Zhihe, Wei Fuwen

Publishing house: Science Press

Main content: referring to the latest theories and research achievements of endangered animal protection, this book summarizes practical experiences obtained from years of giant panda breeding research and comprehensively and systematically introduces the latest achievements and practical experiences of giant panda ex-situ protection. Using theory as a basis it is is filled with text and graphics with content relating to giant panda ecology, feeding management, intuition, behavior, breeding, disease and heredity.


大熊貓.jpg Giant Panda Research

Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Zhihe

Publishing house: Sichuan Publishing Group, Sichuan Science and Technology Press

Main content: this book is compiled by collecting all scientific personnel’s papers and thesis’ since 1997, and its content goes into detail the efforts that the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has made to protect giant pandas in captivity. This book is comprised of 6 chapters around the theme of giant pandas and relevant research: 1. Nutrition Research, 2. Cub Breeding, 3. Physiology and Biochemistry, 4. Genetic Research, 5. Disease Prevention and Cure, and 6. Other Scientific Papers.


大熊貓.jpg Parasitic Diseases of Wildlife

Editor-in-Chief: Yang Guangyou, Zhang Zhihe

Publishing house: Science Press

Main content: this book is a scholarly piece about giant panda and endangered wildlife parasitic disease. It comprehensively summarizes the research achievements and experiences of wildlife parasitic disease preventions, and cures. It introduces an in-depth and comprehensively look into the life history of the pathogen of each kind of parasitic disease, epidemiology, pathological change, diagnosis and quarantine, monitoring and prevention and control measure, and much more.


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