“Domestic and International Talent Training and Exchange Program"



The sustainable development of the cause of giant panda and rare and endangered animal protection is unable survive without proper training, education and exchange programs. This program is aimed at pushing forward the sustainable development of giant panda protection by training scientific and public education personnel to promote giant panda and rare and endangered animal protection.

The program content includes funding and increasing scientific research personnel’s further education to improve the scientific research and innovation capabilities; funding and cultivating public education program design and teaching future teachers to improve environmental protection awareness and knowledge, as well as develop the communication and collaboration skills of public educators.

In 2012, this project has trained 2 post-doctors in reading, 31 doctors, 62 masters, 1 graduated postdoctoral, 10 doctors and 13 masters of this year, 1 in-station post-doctor, 5 masters in reading, 11 undergraduates in reading and 10 science professionals and 10 public education program design and lecturing personnel have been trained in colleges and universities.


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