"Public Education and Researches Program"


Presently over 6 billion people on this planet are consciously or unconsciously misusing or using natural resources. At every corner of this world there are de-forestation, mining and energy exploitation, soil erosion, air and water pollution and disposing hazardous waste haphazardly. Nature is being deteriorated at an unprecedented speed in earth history and mankind will bear a severe consequences from such deterioration.

The public education program is aimed at promoting environmental and animal protection awareness amongst the general public, establishing a correct attitude of how to treat the environment and animals, and encouraging people to participate in giant panda and rare and endangered animals protection team, so that harmony between man and nature and sustainable development can be achieved.

The foundation will unceasingly enrich the content of public education program activities, for audiences at different age levels, through a variety of strong, informative, fun, colorful and entertaining public education activities so that the participants will know more about the living and breeding conditions of giant panda and other rare and endangered animals.


At the moment, public education program is being promoted in Sichuan province. Program staff and volunteers will go to universities, middle schools and primary schools and rural areas to conduct public education programs activities. There are actually three forms of these public education program activities: 1. Implementing public education program activities within school system by using lesson plans, teaching material and teacher’s guidance, including various kinds of campus activities relating to environmental protection organized and conducted school, such as Implementation Guideline on Environmental Education in Chinese Middle and Primary Schools issued by the Ministry of Education; 2. Group activity (off-campus): organize and conduct environmental education activities off-campus such as tree planting ,summer camps in natural conservation areas and much more.

Public-interest Publicity:carry out publicity and education to the public through environmental protection-related public service advertisements, films, display boards in schools and the community and other media.


This program is also aimed at promoting giant panda culture as the giant panda is a symbol of friendship between China and the world. The understanding of this giant panda international friendship will be enhanced through giant panda-related journals and magazines, panda-related movies and websites. In addition, printing and distribution of giant panda foundation publicity projects in Chinese, English and Japanese to introduce the basics of the giant panda foundation and achievements made in the cause of giant panda protection. More people will get a more particular knowledge of giant panda foundation and join the ranks of the giant panda and rare and endangered animals protection cause.


11.jpgThe Story of Giant Panda 51, funded by Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation and co-produced with DRAGONFILMS, created another global mass fervor for giant pandas starting from Tokyo.

13.jpgThe Giant Panda magazine is the first giant panda represented and named wildlife protection publicity cultural magazine in domestic China. The aim of the publication is to develop and expand the giant panda culture and advocate the outstanding people and events in the cause of giant panda and wildlife protection so that the concept of giant panda and ecological environment protection can be deeply rooted in the hearts of people.


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